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Talk about Childhood Trauma

J26mug.jpgTrue story: I, like 42 percent of all American children (according to a hobo I just asked — Los Angeles hobos are so full of knowledge!), have inadvertently walked in on their parents having sex. For me: Let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasing experience, and I never looked at my mother’s incisor the same way again (don’t ask). But you know what? I got off easy — imagine finding a bunch of pornographic videotapes of your mom having sex … with a dog. No. Three dogs. I shit you not:

A woman who was charged with committing felony crimes against nature was arrested this morning after police were notified of more than 150 homemade movies of the Tulsa County woman engaging in various sex acts with dogs. Donald Roy Seigfried, 55 and Diane Sue Whalen 54, were charged with the crime, which deals with bestiality.
Authorities were notified of the tapes after Whalen’s son accidentally stumbled onto one of the movies and then alerted the sheriff’s department. The tapes, along with three dogs — a Labrador, a blue heeler and a mixed breed — were also taken into custody. Bowman said his office is recommending that they be taken away from the suspects and be put down.

Crimes against nature? What about those poor dogs? Most dogs don’t have particularly high standards, but good God — they could do a lot better than that woman. I hope they were put down, if only to spare them from the mental imagery they must be saddled with. Gawd.

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Wait, why do the dogs need to be put down? Dogs don't have the same moral/legal standing as people, which is why the perps are being charged with a crime against nature and not a sexual assault. Right? So why are the dogs being put down, even though they aren't considered to be either consenting or non-consenting?

If there were that many tapes, it is very possible that the dogs' training included some actions that would not be as accepted in a foster home. Also, the sidebar to the article says that the dogs are sexually aggressive.

They could just neuter them... that would take care of the sexual aggression. They don't need to be put down.

I think it's important that the article specifically mentions the breeds of dog involved. 'Cause you know you were wondering.

Neutering male dogs is great, and I highly encourage it. However, the testosterone in their systems will remain there for about 6 weeks, possibly more. Also humping activity is not always sexual in nature; it is a very common dominance behavior.

I don't think the dogs should be euthanized, but they will require time and training, and most shelters are barely scraping by on resources.

It's not necessarily the humping behavior that's the problem, really. I used to work at a shelter, and "sexually aggressive" tends to mean a lot more than just humping. Biting is a common problem when the "mate" doesn't submit right away, and most states have pretty strict laws about not adopting dogs that bite. The shelter I worked at in Pennsylvania was required to euthanize any biting dog and send it out for testing. I can't watch the video that's linked on that site about dog rehabilitation, so I don't know for sure that those dogs have bitten someone yet, but it was a pretty common occurrence with dogs that we termed sexually aggressive.