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Take That, You Samamabitch!

Occasionally, Bill O’Reilly will send out a reporter to badger another news personality, and the result usually entails the ambushed news reporter dodging questions and fleeing, which O’Reilly then uses to bolster whatever dumbass opinion he has of the news personality.

But I think Bill-O may have learned a valuable lesson this time: Don’t fuck with Bill Moyers. Because, even with O’Reilly nowhere to be seen, Moyers manages to humiliate and own him. It’s a long video, but it’s enlightening, if only to see a real goddamn journalist at work.

Suck it, Bill-O.

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I love this video so so much. I love that he offers O'Reilly an hour, live and unedited, knowing he'll never be man enough to take him up on it. And I love how he talks to Porter qua Porter - not just as an O'Reilly tool. But Porter clearly sold out to his Dark Master long ago, which makes this appeal to Porter as a "journalist" even more touching. HA!

I may need to watch this several more times to absorb the full extent of its awesomeness.