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The frozen tundra…

john-facenda.jpgJohn Facenda, a Philly radio and TV guy, used to be known as the “Voice of God” thanks to a long career as the voice of NFL Films (a position which was admirably taken up, and still held, by the splendiferous Harry Kalas). Anyway, there’s an ongoing legal battle between his estate and NFL Films, with Facenda’s estate claiming that Facenda’s voice was used in “The Making of Madden,” a show put together as a promotion of the Madden video game, without permission.

A federal judge granted summary judgment in the estate’s favor, and NFL Films’ appealed to the Third Circuit. They just heard argument on the case last Friday and the court was especially “hot,” with questions flying from the moment the NFL lawyer opened his mouth. And it seems likely that the Third is going to send this case back down so that it can be argued before a jury.

All of which is interesting enough. But this is really just an excuse to post a classic example of the Voice of God in action (the only bad thing that can be said about this clip, in fact, is that it shows the Raiders):