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Who the Hell Commissions These Studies?

derogatory-names.jpgMan alive! Statisticians must have a lot of free time on their hands to conduct a study like this. Strategic Name Development, a useless outfit out of Minnesota, decided to conduct a study to see how a person’s presidential candidate preference correlated with how they named their dog. And the results are not only completely uninteresting, but pointless as well.

But, in case you’re wondering, people who give their pets derogatory names like Fuzzbutt, Killer, Weasel, and Lucifer, and more inclined to vote for McCain and Hillary. Similarly, people who give their pets eponymous names (they name them after famous people) are also more likely to vote for McCain and Hillary. Meanwhile, people who coin their own names — like D’og, Jinxie, or Kitty Dawg (?) are more likely to vote for Obama.

Hmmm … one wonders, however, who a person would vote for if they eponymously and derogatorily named their dog John McCain? But more importantly who gives a shit?