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Stripper Outwits Horny Moron

prostitute234324.jpgDamn dirty thieving prostitutes — they’re so untrustworthy.

A 19 year-old man recently called the Merced County Sheriff’s Department for assistance after a woman he was going to pay for sex allegedly stole his money.
Sheriff’s spokesman Tom MacKenzie said the man called the sheriff’s department at 4:54 p.m. on Jan 27 from his home on the 8000 block of Cameo Way. The man told the sheriff’s department that he had paid a woman $180 to come and perform a strip-tease.
MacKenzie said the woman arrived at the home with another man for security purposes. After performing the strip-tease, MacKenzie said the woman offered to perform sexual acts for another $80. The man accepted, giving her the money — although the woman told him to retrieve a condom before the sexual act could occur.
The man walked out of the room to get a condom — but when he returned the woman had left with his money, MacKenzie said. “He came out and she was gone,” MacKenzie said. Upset that he had just been robbed, the man then called the sheriff’s department.

For some reason, the dude decided not to press charges after the cops informed him that he just committed a criminal act by paying for sex. Hmph.

The lesson here: Always keep a condom on your person.