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What Does Anal Poisoning Even Mean?

nm_limbaugh_070622_ms.jpgIf you’ve paid attention to the Republican presidential campaign at all over the last week or so, you no doubt know about both Anne Coulter’s and Rush Limbaugh’s distaste for John McCain. I know that Coulter has avowed to vote for Hillary before McCain, and I believe that Limbaugh has suggested that he’d rather see a Democrat blamed for the direction the country is heading toward (thanks G.W.) than vote for McCain. But, yesterday on his radio show, he dropped this little bon mot:

Limbaugh was ranting against Sen. John McCain on his radio show this week when a caller asked whether he thought McCain would pick Sen. Lindsey Graham as his running mate. Limbaugh doubted it, though he admitted: “I may be wrong … Lindsey Graham is certainly close enough to [McCain] to die of anal poisoning.”

What does that even mean? Is anal poisoning contagious? Apparently, the term is common on porn websites, and given the way that Rush has acted in public lately, perhaps that’s where he picked it up.