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South Carolina Blows

12271555-12271558-slarge.jpgFrom Reuters:

It may be the shortest U.S. 2008 presidential campaign yet — comedian Stephen Colbert’s requests to be on the South Carolina Democratic and Republican primary ballots were rejected on Thursday.
Colbert, who has admitted he does not want to be president but just wanted to run for it in his native state of South Carolina, had filed for the Democratic ticket earlier on Thursday and paid the $2,500 filing fee.
Hours later, the party’s executive council voted 13-3 against allowing him on the ballot for the January 26 primary contest, party spokeswoman Keiana Page told Reuters. The eight other major Democratic candidates were accepted, she said.

Gutless cowards. A bunch of fucking buzz kills. South Carolina, you’re on notice. Gamecocks? Psh. More like … oh, nevermind.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't his "shtick" to act as an O'reillian republican? Why is he trying to spoil the democratic ballot?

He wanted to be on the Democratic ballot because the Republican ballot cost a lot more than $2500.

Wag of my finger to South Carolina.

To be fair, the state democratic party has to pay the state's election committee $20,000 for each candidate they put on the ballot.

I can understand not wanting to shell out $20,000 on a joke.

Pity though, I would have loved to see him debate the other candidates!

Colbert can run in SC as soon as Doritos ponies up the $20,000 entry fee. Until then, his "candidacy" is all bullshit.