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I Don’t Care Who You Are, You Oughtn’t Be Having ‘Thoughts’ About Your Daughter

0_61_jeffs_warren_112006.jpgOK, will someone please explain this to me?

Wait. First, some context: Warren Jeffs, a leader of a polygamous sect in Utah, was convicted of “rape as an accomplice” for arranging the marriage of cousins, aged 14 and 19. He goes to prison, decides to fast, loses 30 pounds, and then gets all kinds of wacky, renouncing his position as head of the sect, saying that God had spoken to him and “revealed him as a wicked man.” And then, in statement obtained from recently unsealed documents, Jeffs told his family that he’d been “immoral with his sister and daughter.”

Wait — what?! “‘Immoral’ with his sister and daughter?” What’s that supposed to mean? Well, maybe this will shed some light on the subject:

As for Jeffs’ “immoral” conduct, “I wouldn’t read too much into it,” [Ken] Driggs [a Georgia lawyer and polygamy expert] said.
“What that community may regard as immoral conduct is not necessarily what the outside world would consider immoral conduct. He could be talking about thoughts, or some affectionate or physical conduct,” Driggs said.

Now wait a second, buddy. First of all, these Mormon fundamentalist don’t believe that shacking up with multiple women is immoral, so I’m not sure where you get off saying that the “outside world” is the sexually loose party in this matter. And second: Why do you not believe that “thoughts, or some affectionate or physical conduct” with your sister and daughter constitutes immoral? Why is it that we shouldn’t’ read too much into it? I mean, I hate to be the touchy, narrow-minded guy, but maybe something as benign as thinking about your daughter in a sexual way might be considered immoral, even in the heathenistic outside world.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m the crazy one for not having “thought” about my sister, or engaged in “affectionate of physical conduct” with my daughter. Apparently, that’s not OK with the this religious sect, but it’s A-OK for the the world I’m living in. Right? That’s what you’re saying?

Whatever — it’s probably a moot point anyway; chances are, he diddled them both, which I assume we all think is immoral. Right?

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Are we sure his sister and daughter are two separate people? *shudders*


That was wrong, elle. But mostly because you said it before I did.

Does "immoral with his sister and daughter" mean her daughter or his daughter?

Presumably his daughter--the possesive distributes across the connective 'or' by default.