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Sometimes the Universe just works with you

Emmanuelle-Chriqui3.jpgYesterday, Dustin posted some wonderful pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui over on sister site Webster’s Is My Bitch. And I love Ms. Chirqui, and I love those pictures. And I thought to myself, “sexist-pig-self, how the hell can I find an excuse to get those pictures on QuizLaw? Because nothing says ‘happy weekend’ to me like those pictures.”

And lo, the Universe did answer, for mere hours later, I stumbled upon this story about those self-same pictures:

Emmanuelle Chriqui’s photo shoot with GQ magazine got so steamy that Malibu police came by just to make sure things remained tasteful.
The ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan’ actress explains the scenario as such: “I’m topless, and this cop car pulls up.” What did the officer ask the photographer? “‘Could you make sure that her areolas aren’t showing?’”

Pervy cops? That’s totally a QuizLaw-type subject — thank you Universe! And with that, let’s look at some pictures….





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You shouldn't have to look for an excuse next time.


Wow, and to think what could happen if you used your powers for evil instead of good. Ridiculously hot good.

She kinda looks like Jaye Davidson with boobs in the first pic. Not that there's anything wrong with that.