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Race Card 101

kwame06.jpgKwame Kilpatrick, representing Detroit in the Mayoral Sex Scandal Olympics, has been fighting all kinds of attacks due to his not-really-that-secret affair and subsequent horrible attempt at perjury.

Feeling quite oppressed, Kwame has recently decided to pull that most dignified of defenses: the race card:

“In the past 30 days, I’ve been called a nigger more than any time in my entire life.”

But there is a problem with that claim. Considering that the mayor has rarely been seen in public except for specially selected positive audiences, who is getting close enough to use that horrendous epithet? So the Detroit Metro Times, truly concerned and not at all cynical, decided to investigate. What they found was that Mr. Mayor has a very weird idea of pillow talk.

Since filing our FOIA, however, it turns out that someone actually was caught calling Kwame a variation of the N-word. And he called them the same right back.
Within the past few weeks, the judge presiding over felony perjury and obstruction cases being brought against Kilpatrick and former chief of staff/paramour Christine Beatty ordered the release of documents containing details from text messages that hadn’t yet been published by the Freep.
A brief previously written by Mike Stefani, the lawyer representing three whistle-blowing cops, revealed that text messages allegedly sent between Kwame and Christine show them lovingly calling each other “nigga,” or sometimes, just to mix things up, he’d charmingly refer to her as his “nigette.”

You learn something new everyday.

But wait a sec. What if this wasn’t a race card, but Kwame’s passive aggressive way of bragging about his sex life? Cheeky bastard.