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Smelly Feet … Smelly Feet … It’s All Your Fault

250px-Phoebe_Buffay_1.jpgPiece of advice: If you’re sharing a small, 10x10 room with another man, wash your feet every once in a while. Otherwise, you might wind up dead.

William Antonio Serrano and his roommate were drinking Saturday night when the roommate told Serrano his feet had a foul odor, Houston police Sgt. Macario Sosa said. That insult allegedly led to Serrano grabbing a knife and stabbing his roommate several times, police said. The victim, a 25- to 30-year-old man whose name has not been released, died at the scene.

Serrano was charged with murder. And just remember kids: Drinking and foot odor do not mix.

(Hat Tip to Lowering the Bar)

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Shouldn't the advice really be "If you’re sharing a small, 10x10 room with a complete psycho, his poor podiatric hygiene is probably not something you'll want to bring up. Otherwise, you might wind up dead."?