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It’s like a David Copperfield trick!

halfHouse.jpgRodney Rogers, a 66-year-old Ohio man, has been arrested and charged with vandalism and aggravated menacing. Seem that he had entered into an agreement with the Bowers, friends of his, to buy a house they were building. Rogers moved into the house while the final fix-ups were being done. But once they finished the construction, Rogers says that they wouldn’t tell him how much money they wanted for the house, nor would they give him the title.

So Rogers did what any reasonable man would do while involved in a title dispute: he “sawed the entire house, through siding, drywall and windows, in half!”

When the cops showed up, Rogers proudly showed off his work and then said he was going to “take care of the Bowers.” A loaded gun inside the sawed house made this seem like a bit more than an idle threat, so off to the clink Rogers went.