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Pizza for Paultards

Ron_Paul%2C_official_109th_Congress_photo.jpgRon Paul may have unexpectedly raised $5 million in the latest fundraising quarter, proving that even wackjobs have a lot of spare cash they like to throw into bottomless wells, but if you ever needed a reason not to vote for Paul (besides his stand on most issues and that creepy old-man smile), then this video should put you off of him for good. If you manage to make it through the entire two minutes and twenty seconds, then maybe you are crazy enough to vote Paul. (Dude gets some credit, however, for rhyming “provolone” with “leave your fetus alone.”)

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So this is Ron Paul's answer to Obama Girl, the Hot for Hill girl, the Giuliani Girls and the Romney Triplets?

Seriously, what will future generations think when they look back on the 2008 election?

"and that creepy old-man smile".

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win.

"Seriously, what will future generations think when they look back on the 2008 election?"

they'll think, sure am glad Dr Paul won the election!!!

You might be surprised at how many Democrats are jumping ship to vote for Dr Paul. It's the only way to send the Dem leadership the strongest of messages after they didn't quite hear the '06 message.

So Bill W, are you saying that the only reason anyone should vote for Paul is as a hank-spank to the Democrats? No real defense of his platform, I take it?

Vermillion: There's no need for me to defend his platform, it speaks for itself. Take a look at his website and his thoughts on the issues if you like.


At least 70% of the American people want the war in Iraq over with period. They let that be known in '06. They are disappointed that they were fooled. They don't want to be fooled again and see now from the debates that Ron Paul doesn't lie, doesn't take money from the Lobbys and is not beholden to them, and has never been in support of this war we now have. Do you think Nancy Pelosi will retain her seat in '08? I'll bet that Cindy Sheehan gets that easily.

Ron Paul just raised 5 Mil this past quarter. His campaign wants to raise 12 Mil this quarter, don't be surprised if that happens. Also, don't be surprised when he wins the NH primary. A not insignificant amount of his contribution base is coming from the US Military, they are sending in cash in droves. Most of the top military are strict constitutionalists, as it should be - we don't need coups here. And, they also want their politicians to be strict constitutionalists as well.

Hillary Clinton and Rudy Guiliani will get Dr Paul elected. The people are fed up with them and their ilk.