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Small-Time Politicians Generously Donate Stupidity for our Benefit

gaymodel.jpgThree current and former politicians around the country are in trouble this week for being dumbasses. In Colorado Springs, Robert Ptasy — an ex-councilman — is facing a felony after he dropped a pill into a date’s drink. The pill: Valium. The problem: His waiter saw him do it and reported it to the police.


Meanwhile, in Louisiana, Rep. Charmaine Marchand continued to improve the reputation of politicians when she raised a fuss over a bill that would limit lobbyists from spending more than $50 on meals with individual lawmakers. Marchand insists that the limit should be raised, fearing that “if it’s $50, I think we’re going to be eating at Taco Bell.’ That’s a lot of tacos, Representative. Consider this: Buy your own fucking lunch!

You lose.

Finally, in Birmingham, Alabama, Mayor Larry Langford and his friend/businessman John Katopodis are in some hot water after it was revealed that a lot of tax-payer money meant to provide computers to children ended up in the hands of a gay porn star.

Documents show $30,000 went to actor Marc Anthony Donais, who was known as Ryan Idol when he was a star in the gay porn industry in the 1990s.
Katopodis has denied misusing the money and computers given to the charity. Court documents show that Katopodis said in sworn testimony the actor received $5,000 from the computer charity and $25,000 from the Council of Cooperating Governments, which Katopodis headed.
Besides being a porn star, Donais is a businessman who worked for the charity and fixed computers despite lacking any formal training in the area, Katopodis said.
“He, as I say, helped us, he traveled helping to try to set up computer programs in other areas among disadvantaged communities,” Katopodis said.

And by “disadvantaged,” of course, he means: Gay, horny, and unethical.