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Can’t we all just get along

philly.jpgThe new Mayor of Philadelphia, Michel Nutter, thinks people need to stop being assholes to the city workers. He said that Philly folks aren’t always “as nice as they could be when they encounter a public employee…. Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Man, if Nutter thinks that’s all it takes to turn Philly into a nicer place, he’s got a long administration ahead of him.

Christ, next thing you know, Mayor Nutter will be asking Eagles fans to start being nicer to the Cowboys and the Giants. And for Phillies fans to sing kumbaya with Mets fans.

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I know this is probably NOT something I want to own up to, but I'm addicted to "Parking Wars" on A&E.

I can only stand angry stupid people when they're on tv, and far removed from me.

Seriously though. What's wrong wit' y'all? Didn't Eagles fans boo Santa one time? And I have seen some of that "Parking Wars" show and folks need to calm the hell down. Seriously, what is really going on my Philly brothers?