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Silly Goths

handcuffs.jpgAn unnamed goth guy in Tulsa, Oklahoma decided to make a fashion statement by wearing handcuffs attached to one wrist, allowing the other end to dangle. Ok, whatever — I don’t get the whole goth thing, but I’ve certainly seen much weirder than that. But this goth guy also happens to be an idiot because it’s probably not the best idea to walk past a courthouse with dangling handcuffs. Because, you know, it might look like you’ve just escaped or something.

Someone saw the trendy goth guy and, noticing the dangling cuffs, called the cops. The cops stopped the man but released him after determining that there were no outstanding warrants.

Next week, word has it that goth guy is planning to wear a ski mask into a bank. “It’s just easier to put the black mask on, you know, instead of putting on the black eyeliner and lipstick, you know?”

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Learn what you're talking about before taking the piss boy. Being Goth is about being unique, different and pretty much wearing what the fuck you want.
Oh, and loose the pic of my friend Rage, i doubt very much if you have permission to use it!

"An unnamed goth GUY" - And you show a picture about a girl. "smart".