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Ah, small town life

pink-panther.jpgIn Lexington, Kentucky, all the talk seems to be over a master crime recently committed against popular downtown restaurant Alfalfa. On Sunday night, someone got into the restaurant and made off with the 100 pound safe kept in the back office. There was no appearance of forced entry, and this took place even though there’s a police station right across the street and a courthouse across from the back-alley entrance where the thieves likely made their getaway.

The highlight of this story is really the video report on WKYT’s website. First, I applaud their use of Henry Mancini’s fantabulous Pink Panther theme in the background. But more entertaining is the fact that folks are so impressed and baffled by this robbery. You’d think they were talking about the theft of the actual Pink Panther diamond from a high security vault for Christ’s sake.

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I live in Lexington, and judging by the typical employees I've seen at Alfalfa, they were probably all too high to remember to lock the damn door.

Delicious food, though.