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sheboygan.jpgAs I’ve said before, I’ll post any story involving Sheboygan, cause it’s just so gosh darn fun to say. I love Sheboygan. Best damn city name in this fine country of ours (well, maybe except for Blue Ball, Pennsylvania). Anyway, Sheboygan comes up because of a recent story involving what some might say is the city’s attempt to quiet political dissent.

Seems that a local lady, Jeni Reisinger, is not a fan of Mayor Juan Perez. Last year, she was one of the leaders of a move to recall the mayor, and she now runs a web site which often has less-than-pleasant things to say about Mayor Perez and the job he’s doing. Separate and apart from that site, Reisinger runs a site for her web design business, and that site includes a link to the Sheboygan Police Department. Apparently, Mayor Perez initiated a move which led to the city attorney sending Reisinger a cease and desist letter:

The letter, dated Oct. 19, states, “maintenance of this link could be construed as having been authorized or endorsed by the city and/or its police department” and should be removed “until such time as the city were to authorize such a link.”

Meanwhile, Perez has no problem with any of this because he’s confident in his City Attorney’s legal acumen:

Perez defended the letter Friday, saying the city must be careful which Web sites link to it.
“People associate (Reisinger) with racism because of that Web site she designed during the recall when she had me holding a Mexican flag (with) ‘Power to illegals?’ captioned on it. They were calling me ‘muchachito’ and ‘senor,’ all these derogatory terms on that Web site, and she was the creator of that Web site,” Perez said. “My concern was that people would have some concern over her linking to a city Web site.”
The digitally-altered photo Perez referenced was posted on Reisinger’s original recall site, which, like Sheboygan Spirit, included a forum and other sections where users could post without her involvement.
Perez said he is under the impression Web sites must have the city’s permission to post links to the city’s Web site.
“If she didn’t need that, I believe attorney McLean would have told me that, and that would have been the end of it,” Perez said, though he added, “He said she wasn’t authorized, he didn’t say she needed permission.”

Yeah, well, might be time to bring in some new legal advisers, Mayor.

But whatever with all that. Sheboygan! …God I love it.

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Typo alert:

I think they're attempting to "quiet" political dissent. Not "quite."

Indeed they are. All fixed up now.

Sheboygan, Blue Ball et al just don't measure up to Intercourse pa!

Bill, you're so correct. I don't know how I forgot about Intercourse.