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Who the Hell is the Science Guy?

billnye.jpgI’m kind of embarrassed here, but I have no freakin’ idea who Bill Nye the Science Guy is. The best I can guess is that he was the 90s version of Mr. Wizard, a creepy guy who taught science to preadolescents on PBS. Anyway, “The Science Guy” (pictured, to the left, demonstrating his penis size, apparently) is seeking a restraining order against a woman he kind of married last year. Blair Tindall, dressed in black, showed up in his garden on Labor Day and allegedly dumped solvents of some sort in his veggies, and then fled when Nye espied her.

Tindall says it was just a sophomoric joke (killer herbicide! ha!) committed by a woman who had suffered “emotional cruelty.” Indeed, apparently, Tindall and Nye had a marriage ceremony last year performed by Pastor Rick Warren (he of The Purpose Driven Life). However, a few weeks later, they learned that the marriage license was invalid, at which time Nye realized his mistake and booted his “faux” wife to the curb. Tindall says her little stunt in the garden was the culmination of all the pain that Nye inflicted upon her.

I wonder if The Science Guy has a antidote for heartache? Here’s mine: Cyanide. Just a little caplet in your coffee, and you never have to worry about heartache again!

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I wonder if this was her screen saver:


Aww, I loved Bill Nye when I was a kid. He did some cool stuff.

Ha! Bill's great. One of my junior high science teachers had such a crush on him; we watched a lot of Nye that year.

Bill Nye is so not creepy. Maybe he is in real life, but not on TV. He had that grass car! And those kids who made music videos about each episode's topic! Bill Nye + Wishbone = best after school TV lineup EVAR.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Fuckin' Ruled!

How hard our Idols fall...

and he was after my time, even.

His not-wife, Blair Tindall, actually wrote a pretty cool book called Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, which is part autobiography, part exposé of the seedy behind-the-scenes...well...sex and drugs that goes on in the New York symphony musician's world. Turns out these dude know how to rock.

and hell, Yo-Yo Ma played at their wedding. that's gotta be cool, right?

As a seattle local, i've met a couple people who had run-ins with Bill Nye. Apparently he's a total dick. Plus, a friend of mine saw him at a comedy club, when Almost Live alum, John Keister was doing his improv. Bill Nye was brought on stage, did some drunk ramblings and then afterwards, he and John hit on collage aged girls. Pure class.

i saw bill nye speak at my college a few years ago. pretty cool guy if you like science