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Do you swear to drink the shot, the whole shot, and nothing but the shot?

drunk-hobby.jpgOk, this story is over a month old and comes to us for the foreign lands of Spain, but it’s too good not to talk about despite it’s lack of timeliness or nearby locale.

In September, a man got busted speeding through the city center of Alicante, and he was found to be a bit tipsy, blowing over double the legal limit. So he was arrested and charged with drunk driving, naturally. And the defense he wanted to mount was that he may have been drunk, but he’s a capable drunk driver, so it’s all good. Which is why his lawyer made the following request:

The lawyer had asked the court for his client to be made drunk, to prove that he is capable of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Sadly, the judge turned this request down, calling it “impertinent” and saying that there were too many factors that couldn’t be repeated, “such as the amount of food he had eaten and his state of wakefulness.” Too bad — I think all courtroom proceedings could benefit from more drunk defendants.