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Shake shake shake … shake shake shake … shake your booty!

earthquake.jpgSo as many of you likely know, we had ourselves a little ol’ earthquake here in Southern California yesterday. I was at work at the time, and it actually felt a bit bigger than it was (not that a 5.4 is nothing), since all the big high-rises are built on rollers or shock absorbers, so they shake or jostle a bit more than normal buildings (it’s better than falling down, you see). Anyway, we got to see several East Coast summer associates pop their earthquake cherry, so that was nice.

And while we were all standing around the doorways waiting for any aftershocks, we realized that this was a real pisser for those folks taking the Cali bar, especially since there’s a big test site in Ontario, CA, only about 10 miles away from the epicenter. While she was further away from the quake than that, three elle commented yesterday with her earthquake experience and it seemed worthy of its own entry. So here ya’ go:

I was at the Century City exam. No evacuations. In fact, nothing exciting happened in my room, except the earthquake itself, and I’m a seasoned earthquake veteran. Apparently, in one of the other rooms, little parts of the ceiling/chandelier fell, and freaked some people out (especially the out of state kids who had never been in an earthquake). There are even stories of at least one person sitting there, typing, with tears rolling down her cheeks.
Anyways, I felt it was my duty to give ya’ll an eyewitness account of the mayhem.
One down, two days to go!

Thanks for the update, and good lock to all of y’all still suffering through the joy of the bar exam.