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Well at least their babies won’t be getting any diaper rash

scarface.jpgRecently, Spanish police seized a shit load of cocaine in various drug busts — well over 100 kilos of the white powder. As they were done with whatever they needed to use the evidence for, the cops were getting ready to destroy the seized drugs and, per their usual policy, they conducted a final substance analysis. Which, as a spokesman explained it, “revealed that the substance was not drugs but a harmless material resembling the drug, like talcum powder.”

Yeah. Ninety-five percent of the coke stash, with an estimated black market value of about $8 million) was stolen and replaced with powder. Unsurprisingly, they think it was an inside job either by regular visitors or even some cops.

What the hell kind of ramshackle operation are they running over in Madrid, where somebody can make off with 100 keys of coke no problem, replacing them all with powder? I mean, Jesus.