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Good Luck, Bar Takers

Bragg - Bar Exam giclee.jpgIt’s a special day for the country’s future lawyers — over the next two to three days, thousands of recent law graduates will take the bar exam. Most will pass, some will not. Somewhere, in some state, at least one person will freak the fuck out during the exam. That person will then become part of bar exam lore, an anecdote passed down from bar taker to bar taker to make them feel better about their chances.

My wife is one of those bar takers, today. It’s been a rough two months in our household, compounded by a move and a one-year old kid, who has had to suffer with his father as the main caretaker for the last eight weeks. Poor kid is lucky to get out of it alive. And pass or fail, one thing is certain: By 4 p.m., tomorrow, it’ll all be over. Dinners that entail conversations about the elements of battery, the late night cramming, and the frequent melt-downs and freak-outs will finally be over. The Bar-Bri books will no longer litter my house with their foul greenness. And, more importantly for my wife and all the bar-takers out there in QuizLaw land: You can finally forget everything you ever learned in law school and studying for the bar, and get down to the business of being a lawyer.

Good luck.

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I was actually surprised by how often, during my first few years of "being a lawyer," I found myself saying, "I know I studied replevin for the bar, but I can't remember the elements" or "there was a question on riparian rights on the bar, but I don't know the rules anymore." So, if you're going for small town general practice, hold on to those books!!

Hi, my name is WestCoastPat. Its been two years since I took the bar. I still get the shakes, but it isn't so bad anymore. Memories of that 3-day period are still fuzzy. Small steps.....small steps

Good luck to your wife and everyone else taking the bar over the next few days. Remember, sleep THEN drink.

"Sleep then drink?" That's crazy talk, and QuizLaw does not endorse this.

But good luck to all y'all bar takers, especially the poor bastards stuck doing it for three days, be you taking two state exams or be you stuck in obstinate California.

Aww thanks you guys! And I'm one of those poor schmucks taking the 3 day CA bar.

But you forgot to wish that we don't have earthquakes because, well, if you haven't heard by now, we had one during the last 15 minutes of the morning session... good times!

I was at the Century City exam. No evacuations. In fact, nothing exciting happened in my room, except the earthquake itself, and I'm a seasoned earthquake veteran. Apparently, in one of the other rooms, little parts of the ceiling/chandelier fell, and freaked some people out (especially the out of state kids who had never been in an earthquake). There are even stories of at least one person sitting there, typing, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Anyways, I felt it was my duty to give ya'll an eyewitness account of the mayhem.

One down, two days to go!