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Mmmmmm … beer

guinness.jpgIn Ireland, a crafty Dubliner managed to steal 180 kegs of Guinness from the Guinness brewery. But before we congratulate the thief on his impeccable taste, it should be noted that he also snatched 90 barrels of Carlsberg and 180 kegs of Budweiser.

Apparently, the man just drove his truck up to a loading area, attached a trailer full of beer to his truck, and drove off. I can understand why the brewery might not have the best security around the Bud — who the hell would even want that much Bud? — but they should know to keep the Guinness under lock and key.

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Let me give you an insight into Irish culture as taught to me through my upbringing…booze is booze…even if it's crappy booze. You drink enough even Bud becomes acceptable.