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“Scathing Review of Bitchy Hookers?”

hooker.jpgIn Ohio, Robert McFadden has been arrested for a website he runs. Seems that McFadden’s site allowed folks to post review of hookers. The cops say that McFadden traded information about street walkers and online escorts, including a 17-year-old girl, and that he even put together a raffle that allowed folks to win a night with a gal. He’s facing a host of charges, and will surely have to give up the site.

Which means there’s now a void in the internets for the taking — Dustin, what say we start up a hooker review site? …Dustin? …Where you at, dawg?

(Hat tip to Tiddo)

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I can only begin to imagine the domain names for this... gofugahooker.com? bestinrentedbreasts.org? The possibilities are endless.

Seth, you missed the best part, though, the very last line:

"McFadden formerly served as director of the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives office under Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland."

Irony FTW!