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Retardation is only a theory!

BibleDisclaimer.jpgIn Mississippi, Rep. Gary Chism is introducing a bill in attempt to include a nice little disclaimer in their high school textbooks. It has something to do with his belief that evolution is horseshit. See for yourself:

“This textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory some scientists present as a scientific explanation for the origin of living things. No one was present when life first appeared on earth. Therefore, any statement about life’s origins should be considered a theory,” the proposal continues.
“Evolution refers to the unproven belief that random, undirected forces produced living things. There are many topics with unanswered questions about the origin of life which are not mentioned in your textbook, including: the sudden appearance of the major groups of animals in the fossil record (known as the Cambrian Explosion); the lack of new major groups of other living things appearing in the fossil record; the lack of transitional forms of major groups of plants and animals in the fossil record; and the complete and complex set of instructions for building a living body possessed by all living things.”
The textbook disclaimer would end with the following advice: “Study hard and keep an open mind.”

Now wait a second: If Rep. Gary Chism really believes what he says he believes in, then wasn’t God there? And wasn’t that whole episode transcribed in the Bible? And that presents another question, actually: Why isn’t there a disclaimer in the Bible? You know, suggesting that it, too, is a theory?

What am I talking about? Too much “Lost.” I’m not thinking linearly.

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Yay! I'm glad Rep. Chism thinks this is the most important issue on the legislature's plate right now. That must mean all our other international and domestic problems have been solved.

No, "any statement about life's origins" is not a theory.

Resolved: Anyone introducing any resolution or bill regarding evolution must demonstrate an understanding of the scientific definition of "theory."

Creationism, intelligent design, "Just a theory".... What the fuck else will these weinies come up with when they get bitch slapped again? And then they wonder why people think chritianists suck! Kee fuckin' rist!

Actually, Evolution has nothing to do with the origins of life. That is a theory called abiogenesis. Silly Congressmen and Congresswomen are always getting it wrong.

I live in Santa Fe NM, and all of the scientists from Los Alamos live here. My next door neighbor testified as an expert in evolutionary biology for the plaintiffs in the Dover Area School District lawsuit on Intelligent Design a few years ago. He talks that same kinda shit.

I love how these people against evolution don't even have the most basic understanding of the theory and therefore get it mixed up with abiogenesis. And sometimes even spontaneous generation, if they're really stupid.

He's using the Cambrian Explosion as a reason to question the validity of evolutionary theory? *sigh* I wish Stephen Jay Gould was alive to bitch-slap this man.