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Santa Clause … the Tooth Fairy … Ankles?

cankle.jpgThis is the stupidest legal fight I’ve heard in some time — down in Texas, doctors and podiatrists are battling over whether ankles exist. Seems that the state licensing board had been defining ankles as part of the foot, meaning podiatrists could work on people’s ankles. An appellate court has now ruled that the licensing board was overstepping its authority. Podiatrists are pissed, saying there’s no such thing as an ankle:

You don’t have an ankle…. The foot actually includes the ankle. If you took the foot off the leg, there is nothing lying there that’s the the ankle.

Which is fucking ridiculous, as one orthopedic surgeon points out:

If they say the ankle doesn’t exist, why do they want to operate on it? Everyone knows what an ankle is.

Well look, maybe I don’t know what an ankle is. But I’ll tell you this — I know what a cankle is. It’s fucking gross, that’s what.