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Carmel, Indiana is a filthy and heathenous city!

carmel-city-hall.jpgCarmel, Indiana’s City Council recently considered a non-binding resolution that would’ve made the place a “family friendly city.” The resolution was defeated 5-2, much to the disappointment of co-sponsor Eric Seidensticker, who said: “This was all about ‘let’s make Carmel a G-rated city.’” Supporters of the proposal include folks who went against Victoria’s Secret last year to get them to stop showing off lingerie in their local store window because, why in the world why they use such naughty sexual imagery to sell lingerie?

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I know Carmel, and it may be the whitest, snobbiest small town in middle America. The only thing about this story that surprises me is that the resolution was defeated.

I know Carmel as well, and I have to agree with idgiepug. I believe that this is the same town that tried to ban vinyl siding on houses.

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Tommy: It's not as long?

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