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Rollin down the street, smokin indo, filing lawsuits (laid back)

snoopDog.jpgCalifornia Superior Court Judge Helen I. Bendix isn’t as hip as you and I. When she was assigned the case of Calvin Broadus v. Priority Records, she thought it was just another lawsuit. Of course, we know better, because we know that Calvin Broadus is the D-O-Double-G, Snoop Dogg himself.

During the case’s first hearing, Bendix says she now realizes the dizzle: “Now I realize who we’re talking about here. I didn’t recognize the nonprofessional name, so to speak.”

As for the case itself, Snoop is suing the record company over allegations that it owes him a couple million in fees under an old recording contract. He also says the label didn’t consult with him before releasing a greatest hits album. Judge Bendix suggested the parties use the court’s case evaluation service to try to settle the dispute, although both sides said mediation to this point has been unsuccessful. Judge Bendix also said she thought the case was “very interesting.”

Rumors that she joined Snoop for a fatty, after the hearing, remain unconfirmed.

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Not to be a prick, but I believe it's "endo".

I'd love to see that first meeting.

Not to outprick TK's prickishness, but I believe the first spelling is correct. Isn't it short for "indoor"?

Hmm, looked it up and Wiki agrees with TK, while Urban Dictionary has both, but more for "indo."

Stoner culture. Fascinating.

tk is def right on this...it is endo, which is a name for/type of weed

if they are "rollin' down the street..." they are not "indoor" they are in fact outdoors