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The Daily Memo - 10/9/07

check.jpgA Florida woman was awarded $2.4 million by a jury after doctors left a foot-long piece of gauze in her following a C-section. (CBS4)

check.jpgThe Massachusetts Appeals Court has refused to overturn the decision that the breast-feeding student can have extra time for her medical exams. (Law.com)

check.jpgOofta - Sidley Austin is gonna pay over $27 million to a bunch of former partners as the result of an age bias lawsuit. (WSJ Law Blogs)

check.jpgAn escaped Colorado prisoner has finally been caught after 32 (!) years. (Denver Post)

check.jpgApple’s being sued, yet again, along with Nike, over allegations that the pair infringed a patent with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. (Engadget)

check.jpgAnd Apple’s also been sued in California over this whole iPhone bricking issue. (Information Week)

check.jpgA Kentucky gal was awarded $6.1 million in damages, stemming from her being forced to strip in a McDonald’s office. (CNN)

check.jpg“Is a sex change tax deductible?” (WSJ Law Blog)