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Einy, meeny, miney mo

top-ten.jpgOk, I kinda hate these blog memes and games of tag, but I’m going to play along. The mysterious editor over at the Blawg Review recently listed what he thinks are the ten best blawgs and, naturally, QuizLaw made the grade. Then Kevin Hill made a list over at Lowering the Bar and, once again, QuizLaw reared its ugly head (and Hill appears to be rather jealous about the fact that we get away with being gutter mouths over here). And then Nicole Black made her own list over at Legal Antics, and GeekLawyer’s Blog made one too, and QuizLaw snuck into the top ten twice again. Thanks y’all. And with so much love, I now feel obligated, much as I hate these games, to make my own top ten list.

These aren’t the ones that I think are necessarily the best. Rather, these are just the ten that I read the most regularly, so for one reason or another (humor, scholarly hoo-ha, gossip, etc.) they tickle my fancy (and often provide content for this very blog). And I provide them without comment because … well … I’m feeling to lazy to tell you why I dig each site. Just go check ‘em out for yourself if you’re curious - they’re all quality.

Above the Law
Concurring Opinions
Is That Legal
Legal Antics
The Legal Reader
Likelihood of Confusion
May It Please the Court
WSJ Law Blog