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Reviewing documents, pole dancing, blow jobs … all in a day’s work

stripper-pole.jpgLast Tuesday, a former legal assistant filed a lawsuit against the public defender she used to work for, claiming that she faced retaliation after complaining about the behavior of male lawyers in the office. Jessica A. Schwartz claims that some of the lawyers made sexually degrading remarks, such as suggesting that she should do a stripper-pole dance in her office.

But I’ll tell you what. Schwartz had it easy. She could’ve been Angela Robinson, a paralegal who claims that her boss encouraged her to give a witness a blowjob when his deposition testimony wasn’t going so well. She also claims retaliation, saying she was fired after threatening to rat out her boss for his attempts to defraud Fen-Phen plaintiffs.

The next time the paralegals at my firm complain about their jobs, I’m sending them right to this entry to make them realize how easy they’ve got it. …Alternatively, maybe it’s time to get a stripper’s pole put into the office.