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Mini Me files lawsuit over folks getting to see his mini-mini-me

mini-me.jpgJust when we were getting the trauma of the Verne Troyer sex tape out of our collectively scarred minds, Mr. Troyer has to go and bring it back to the forefront by filing a lawsuit against his former gal pal over the tape. Troyer says that she let this tape out and, worse yet or hilariously yet, depending on your perspective), that she used and abused him when they were together.

The ex-girlfriend’s lawyer plays this whole thing off as dirty shenanigans, saying the complaint was leaked before even being filed or served on his client. It’s “an abomination of the legal process” according to him. More humorously, he says that Troyer is nothing more than a “trivial celebrity” who’s “vindictive” and “heartbroken” and just using this lawsuit to keep himself in the public eye. Yeah, and your point?

And for the sake of humanity and all that’s good in the world, I plead with Mr. Troyer to please keep yourself out of the public eye. Seriously, why couldn’t you let the “The Surreal Life” image of you pissing in the corner of a house while standing on your little indoor moped thinger be the lasting memory? Why?