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Oh the books I would read but that I only had the time…

your-witness.jpgA while back I was given this book for the site to review. It’s called Your Witness: Lessons on Cross-Examination and Life from Great Chicago Trial Lawyers and it is, as the title might suggest, a bunch of stories and anecdotes from various Chicago trial lawyers. I started reading it and was actually quite enjoying it. Unfortunately, I then got slammed at work and haven’t been able to pick it back up since, and I can’t really give it a full on review having only read a 20-odd pages (I have no doubt that there are book reviewers out there who do just such a thing, but that ain’t me).

But I can throw a link up to the book’s new promotional website, Your Witness for 30 Days. Over the next month, the site will be posting “snippets of wisdom” from the book. For example, the first entry is this nugget from R. Eugene Pincham:

“Cross-examining a witness who has made a contradictory statement on the witness stand from what he said in a written statement that you have is far better than sex. It lasts longer. There’s nothing like it.”