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Respect my authoritah!

wayne.jpgWho would’ve ever guessed that a law student might be a bit snooty? Shocking news, right?

… Yeah, not so much. Today’s snooty law student comes from Wayne State University Law School. I haven’t heard of it either, but I guess it’s one of those little fourth tier law schools that many of us have never heard of (despite getting some flack from some of his readers, David Lat spent all of of last week focusing on various stories from lower tier law schools). Anyway, an unnamed Wayne State 2L was scheduled to meet with someone from a little four-person local firm. When that attorney failed to show for the on-campus interview, Mr. 2L sent off a snarky e-mail that was only basically: “How dare you - I may be nobody now, but someday soon, I’m gonna be a somebody. And then you’ll respect my authoritah!”

Check out the full e-mail, and the firm’s response explaining the gall of standing up Mr. 2L, over at Above the Law.

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To quote a comment at Above the Law:

"Wayne State University Law School was traditionally a Tier 2 school. It slipped into Tier 3 only in the past decade. It only slipped into Tier 4 because the Career Services reported an erroneous employment percentage to U.S. News for 2006 grads.

If the number had been accurately reported, WSU would have been most likely back in Tier 2 for 2007."

So there. (Go WSU Warriors!)

But, frankly, what an ass.

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