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The Dipshit Principle

news007a.jpgMan, how dumb do you have to be? This guy ought to lose his lawsuit in principle alone — the dipshit principle.

So, it goes like this: Greg Calvino, a 45-year-old stock trader who loves ladies and nose candy, allegedly pledged to his girlfriend that he’d never “use drugs, stay out late, frequent strippers or prostitutes.” And, to back his pledge, Calvino wrote out a $100,000 check and gave it to his girlfriend, Elisa Kwon, and told her she could cash it if he reneged on his promise.

Well, he reneged on his promise. And she cashed the check. And, of course, he’s now in court, suing to get back his $100,000 along with interest and legal fees. He claims his girlfriend shook him down for the $100,000, saying that he wrote her the check after she threatened to go to his boss with made up stories of drug use and whoring.

Kwon is asking the court to dismiss the case.

In an affidavit, Kwon attached what she claims is the text of a long instant-message conversation she had with Calvino in which he appears to cop to doing drugs and visiting strip clubs and tells her to keep the cash.
After initially writing that he was “sorry I was irresponsible last night - but I didn’t do the bad stuff,” and that he was not “stupid enough to jeopardize our future,” Calvino explains he was only “drunk/bombed [on] Jack [Daniels],” according to the text transcript.
Kwon reminds him of the “$25 Rite-Aid” test - “it’s POSITIVE.”
Calvino then appears to blame one of his trading buddies: “He put it in my face.”

He put it in my face — well, if that isn’t a legally binding excuse, I don’t know what it is.