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Rehab’s for Ninnies

0911briley1_t220.jpgIn Tennessee, the state legislature is considering a bill that would make it OK to take firearms into liquor stores and bars. But one of the bill’s biggest proponents, undoubtedly, missed the first day of the legislative session because he was completing a 30-day rehab. Rob Briley pleaded guilty to a DUI in December, after cops caught his DUI bust on their dash cam, which has subsequently been released for the whole world to see.

And here’s the evidence, which starts getting particularly good at around the 3-minute mark, when police handcuff the illustrious state representative, who starts weeping like a little bitch, as the cops tell him to “be a man.”

And, if you’re curious, Briley starts to unleash profanities on the way to the station in Part II of the video: