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mickey-golf.jpgCrystal Timparnaro, was hanging out on a golf course with her boyfriend in the summer of ‘06 when an accident happened. She caught a golf ball in the face. The ball macked into her left temple and eye while she was sitting in a golf cart, the result of a shanked shot from the hole next to the one she was at.

Now getting macked in the face with a golf ball isn’t a laughing matter. …Well, ok, yes it is. It’s generally pretty hilarious. But getting injured as a result isn’t a laughing matter. But that’s still no reason to bring a ridiculous lawsuit of the type Timparnaro is now bringing. She’s not just claiming that the course is laid out and maintained in a defective way but, get this, she also says that the golf course should warn spectators about the dangers of golf.

Ok lady. If you need to be told that when you go to a golf course there might be golf balls flying around, well, maybe you just need to stay the fuck home, because your idiocy is a danger to society.

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I am reminded of the 1995 Cult Classic, "Clueless":

Amber : Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.
Dionne : Well, there goes your social life.

Diane, I think I love you!