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Well I’m glad that’s over

astrology.jpgI’ve been sick of all this election business, so I’m glad we can put this puppy to bed early thanks to the fine astrologers who are currently attending the United Astrology Conference. More than 1,500 professional whack jobs showed up for the convention and, tomorrow, they’ll be concluding the convention with a panel predicting who is going to be our next president.

[Astrologer Shelley] Ackerman and others insist their profession’s work is as accurate, if not more so, than many polls. They note pollsters wrongly predicted Obama winning New Hampshire’s Democratic primary.
“With astrology, I guess, there’s just more to it,” Ackerman said.

Yes, polls are inaccurate. But that doesn’t suddenly legitimize you and your whack job “it’s all in the stars and in when folks were born” hokum.

“We are part of a cycle of nature, between the sun and the moon, the planets and the stars,” Ackerman said. Then she paused to reflect on the current world situation.
“It’s funny how in this age of reason, we’ve gotten unreasonable. We have gotten out of touch with our own natural rhythms of heaven and earth.”

While it’s a bit too touchy/feely for me, I can deal with the notion of getting in touch with nature, trying to Zen it out. But that’s still a far cry from saying that because Mars was in such-and-such position when McCain was born back in the stone age, that he’ll be the next president. Because my star chart tells me that astrology is whack.

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But you don't really need to know how to read the stars to see that McCain most likely will be the next president. I mean look at how split up the democratic party is now. And all the back and forth has pretty much told middle America that neither Democratic candidate is going to be solid enough to lead- especially since all the back and forth has provided republicans with more than enough ammunition against whomever the democratic candidate finally ends up being. Face it, the Dems have already shot themselves in the foot and the real presidential campaign hasn't even started yet.

Just Friday you were saying that "Sometimes the Universe just works with you". Maybe you don't like astrology mixed with politics.

More like astrology only counts when it involves boobs. Not that I disagree, mind you.