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QuizLaw’s “Genius of the Month”

einstein.jpgOur first ever “Genius of the Month” award goes to an unnamed Tallahassee, Florida man. This man, let’s call him Mr. Genius, was pulled over by Deputy Charlie McClure. McClure said he smelled booze on Mr. Genius’ breath, and asked him about it. At this point, Mr. Genius admitted that he had indeed been enjoying some beers from his 12-pack while driving. He was, of course, arrested and charged with a DUI.

Now the reason that Mr. Genius has earned this award isn’t because of any of this, exactly. Drunk driving is unfortunately all-too-common to earn Mr. Genius an award. Rather, he wins the award because of the reason he was pulled over. You see, Deputy McClure was riding behind Mr. Genius’ truck when a beer can was hucked out of the truck and, after bouncing off the road, landed on his patrol car! Which is, you know, sorta a hint that the driver of said truck might, just might, be boozing it up.

…Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that, if we actually keep up with this award, it’s going to go to a Floridian every month?