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With apologies to “The Daily Show,” it’s time for This Week in God

thsWkNgd.jpgGod recently found himself sued in a Romanian court by 40-year-old Mircea Pavel, who’s currently in the clink for murder. Pavel sued God for “fraud, betrayal of trust, corruption and influence peddling” because the Lord Almighty failed to answer his prayers. Pavel’s complaint said:

At my christening, I made a deal with the defendant aimed at freeing me from evil. But the latter has not respected that agreement until now, although he received from me various assets and numerous prayers.

(Since the “defendant” in that blurb is God, shouldn’t the “d” be capitalized?)

Anyway, God managed to get out of this one relatively easily, as the Timisoara Court threw out Pavel’s case, noting that “God is not subject to law and does not have an address.”

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It would have been better to award a judgment in her favor, and then let her figure out how to enforce it.

man, how pissed is God?