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Common Sense Lesson #151

ACunit.jpgOk. Let’s say you’re a deliveryman. And let’s say that you and your deliveryman partner have been tasked with delivering and setting up a television for someone in Cincinnati. And let’s further say that, after delivering the television, you and your deliveryman partner later realize that — whoops! — somehow you accidentally delivered and installed the television to the wrong person.

Do you (a) tell your boss, and let him handle it, (b) go talk to the wrongful-owner of the new TV, explaining that you never should’ve delivered it to them in the first place or (c) simply break into the home by popping out an AC unit, stealing the television back?

If you answered with (a) or (b), congrats - you’ve got common sense. If you answered with (c), I’m sorry to tell you that your name is Alan Chambers or Stephen Turner, and you’re now facing a burglary charge.

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No No No! According to the MBE that's not burglary, they had no intent to commit a larceny therein! They were simply recapturing their chattle! Come on, doesn't the state know this?

Awesome. Thanks for reminding me I'm not the only one studying for the bar, Nick.