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Prosecutors want evidence now? What the?

sTyler.jpgCops and their ilk in Victoria County, Texas, are pissed off at the local District Attorney. They say that he’s not prosecuting enough of the criminal cases they bring to him. DA Steve Tyler (man, how awesome would it be if that Steven Tyler was a DA — those trials would be so entertaining, with the handkerchiefs and hot Aerosmith video chicks in the background) …. Er, uhm, anyways — DA Tyler says that he’s not prosecuting these criminal cases because the cops aren’t giving him enough evidence: “If you cannot do your duty, you need to resign and give the duty to someone who can.”

In response, Police Chief Bruce Ure allegedly said, “heh heh … he said ‘duty.’”

In a more serious response, the Police Chief says that this new DA has declined more than double the cases than his predecessors, despite being given “good, quality cases.” He and other law enforcement folks are worried about their staff being overwhelmed, and the fact that victims want swift prosecutions. Which is all well and good, but does that mean the DA should just ignore the fact that he doesn’t necessarily have a case?

…Actually, in Texas, it probably does. Shame on you, DA Steve Tyler.