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More non-Floridian stupid criminals

neimanM.jpgFollowing up on my earlier story, here’s another stupid criminal, this time from White Plains, NY. Although I guess this is more a case of ignorance, rather than flat-out stupidity. Nineteen-year-old Jazmine Roberts decided to snatch a $250 pair of jeans from her local Neiman Marcus — which is totally understandable, because nobody should pay over two bills for friggin’ jeans. Anyway, a store security guard saw her and followed her outside. When he confronted her in the parking lot, the confrontation turned into a full-on brawl, with Roberts biting the guard, choking her and pulling on her hair.

The ignorance comes from the fact that Roberts, while in this attacking rage, was apparently repeatedly yelling “it’s too late, I already left the store.”

Apparently, Roberts just wasn’t familiar with these new-fangled theft laws of ours and was thinking back on the good ol’ days, when it was only theft if you were caught on the premises with the stolen good. …Sigh, I miss those good ol’ day.

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She may have been confused by a common store policy wherein employees are not to pursue shoplifters outside of the store, for liability reasons, I suppose.

Walgreens' employees, for instance, cannot pursue a shoplifter once the shoplifter is out of the building. (Working retail as a teen teaches you many things.)