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Pretty people never go to jail

rebecca-reyes.jpgLast December, former “Playboy” model Rebecca Reyes was pulled over because of broken taillights. The feisty model got out of her truck and ignored the cops when they told her to get back in, and began cussing at them. When one of the cops grabbed her arm and pushed her against the patrol car so he could cuff her, she kept spewing the cusses and began to twist and turn, causing the cop to toss her to the ground. She was then arrested and charged with non-violently resisting arrest.

Last week, Reyes (whose name in her “Playboy,” “GQ” and “Esquire” spreads is Reby Sky), had herself a little jury trial. And while she got 12 months probation, a $500 fine and 48 hours of community service, the Judge spared the 21-year-old from having to spend any time in the clink. If she were fugly, though, Judge Thomas Barber said he would’ve locked her up and thrown away the key.

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