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Perez Hilton Suffers Loss of Reputation, Putting It Firmly in the Negative

perezhiltonscandal3.jpgA few weeks ago, we reported over on our sister site about Perez Hilton’s involvement in a bit of a sex scandal. Basically, Perez cajoled a young blogger to send him a sex tape in exchange for a little free publicity. When Perez didn’t cough up the free publicity, the blogger released IM transcripts implicating Perez and basically revealing him to be the slobbish, pathetic weasel that he is.

I was surprised, frankly, that — given Perez’s popularity — the sex scandal didn’t get much play. In fact, after a day, it all but disappeared, and it was never mentioned on Perez’s site.

Well, Perez, a man with a brain the size of Rhode Island, on a map, decided to sue the blogger, thus airing out the entire scandal for public consumption once again. Idiot. According to The Smoking Gun:

Perez Hilton claims that a Florida blogger slandered him by claiming the online gossip columnist solicited sexual favors in exchange for help promoting the man’s nascent web site. In an April 8 Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) alleges that Jonathan Lewandowski recently told reporters that he was manipulated into sending sexually explicit videos to Lavandeira, and that the pair had sex and dated. Lavandeira, 30, charges that these claims are false, adding that Lewandowski (who uses the handle Jonathan Jaxson when blogging) has also invaded his privacy by posting his cell phone number online. In his complaint, an excerpt of which you’ll find below, Lavandeira contends that, as a result of the 24-year-old Lewandowski’s actions, he has “suffered loss of his reputation, shame and mortification” and “mental anguish.”

Perez suffered mental anguish and shame? Fuck that noise. How can you suffer shame when you have no shame to speak of?

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I know, I hate that guy! I can't believe so many people read his site!

Boo Hoo...Poor Perez is mortified and suffering mental anguish? Who is supposed to pitty him? This is exactly how the jerk makes a living.

I suffer mental anguish whenever I see his face.