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P-p-p-p-p-p-p-please, Eddie!

roger-rabbit.jpgThere’s this scene, I think in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where a can of yellow paint is hung from the back of a car bumper, with a hole punctured in its side. Thus, when the car eventually drives off, it leaves an easy-to-follow yellow trail behind it. (Am I totally wrong here? Was it some other movie?) Well in Sacramento, a car thief found the real-life version of this happen to him, thanks to an oil leak in the car they stole:

Two police officers found a stolen car abandoned in a Sacramento alley, still dripping from its engine. Officer Sang Koo Park of the Sacramento Police and his partner saw that the oil left a trail, so they followed it.
“This particular fluid trail was very discernable,” said Officer Park. “It was fresh, it was uniform, you could have taken a highlighter and highlighted the trail back to his house. It was that noticeable.”

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I know that Homer did that yellow paint thing on the episode of the Simpsons where he joins the Stone Cutters. I think he attached the paint can to Leny's car.

Damn it!!! I knew that. Failure to properly pull a Simpsons reference... I should just turn in my geek card now. Balls.

They also did that in an early MacGuyver episode. Go MacGuyver!

Yeah, what the fuck. I just got through watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit (for about the sixth time in two weeks- whatever) and there is no scene like that! Loser!

Ps. That was sarcasm.
PPs. You really need to watch this movie again. It is raunchy and hilarious in ways that no PG Disney movie should be. Maybe Warner Brothers, but not Disney.