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Beam Me Up, Your Honor

beam-me-up.jpgSeems that this October, civil and family law judges in jolly ol’ England will be giving up the wigs that they’ve worn for several centuries. The Lord Chief Justice (how much cooler is any title with “lord” in front of it?) said that he thought these wigs were old and stuffy, and it was time to get modern. In fact, along with letting their natural locks flow, the British judges are also getting modernized robes that are less out of touch with our modern day and age.

But some think that this change stinks “because it’s a break with tradition,” and many a stuffy Brit dislikes breaking with tradition. Also, some are opposed to the new robes, which they say is a little too modern, looking more like something out of Star Trek:


Criminal judges, meanwhile, are keeping their wigs both because they like the appearance of dignity, and because it helps make them less recognizable, in case a criminal defendant comes a-looking for them later. But don’t they know that’s what Scotty and the transporter are for, to get them out of such hairy situations?