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Police Blotter Files

pblovelessemails.jpgFrom the Northwest Arkansas Times police blotter:

At 6: 01 p. m. Tuesday, Eric Madden reported the theft of a wallet at the Bentonville Parks Department, 401 N. Moberly Lane.
At 8: 40 p. m. Tuesday, Richard Miller reported finding an empty bottle at Lake Bella Vista.
At 8: 16 p. m. Tuesday, Gary Brashera reported that four ninja warriors were seen fighting on the playground at the First Presbyterian Church, 901 N. E. J St.
At 8: 23 p. m. Tuesday, Clarisa Talbert reported suspicious activity at 4002 S. W. Surrey Ave.

Somebody might want to check that out.

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What??? How could you possibly see a ninja fight? They move so damn quick!

Why a Denton Record-Chronicle police blotter copy instead of the Northwest Arkansas Times? Or is that just a copy that you use for all Police Blotter files?