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Everything I need to know, I learned on television

television.jpgMichael W. Hobbs lives in Waco, Kentucky and he’s a big TV fan. His favorite show would seem to be “It Takes a Thief,” a show on the Discovery Channel where two ex-cons go to folks’ homes and show them where they’re vulnerable to break-ins. Hobbs used the things learned from this show to then go on a crime spree, robbing houses throughout central Kentucky.

He didn’t learn everything a master cat burglar needs to know, obviously, since he was eventually caught. However, a police representative said that Hobbs did learn to get rid of stolen items, because the ex-criminals on the show talked about this point:

“He didn’t hold onto any of the property,” [Police Major] Gregg said of Hobbs. “He had no physical evidence at his residence whatsoever. When we entered a couple times, he said, ‘Come on in, look around. I’ve done nothing.’”

Of course, turns out he kinda did do something, and now he’ll be serving 12 years in the clink after pleading guilty to five counts of burglary.

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Hee hee hee. My friend is a producer for this show -- apparently the people whose homes get "broken into" tend to get really pissed off.

I'm waiting anxiously for "How to Build a Bomb with Household Items" to premiere - good times!

In our version of the show (Continental Europe) it was the ex-con who picked up his old habits after shooting wrapped up.

Lisa, they already have that show. It's called "Burn Notice" on USA network.